CareAlign® Insight

Transforming Silos of Data into Consolidated Business Intelligence

By collecting information from disparate sources into a single database, CareAlign Insight aggregates, analyzes and enriches clinical information for more effective population health management. This robust data intelligence solution empowers healthcare providers, who can now:

  • Identify patients on the verge of becoming high utilizers of healthcare services, triggering an early intervention when treatments are more effective and cost-efficient.

  • Accurately measure care quality and cost savings and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Leverage data to improve clinical decision-making and increase intelligence system-wide.

  • Evaluate specific medical actions to determine their effectiveness and calculate the actual value of these actions, refining medical protocols to improve both outcomes and efficiencies.

SmartAlerts: The Intelligent Way To Connect Caregivers

Supported by ICA’s Insight Solution, SmartAlerts uses clinical analytics to produce and deliver near real-time notifications that are integrated into the workflow process. As a result, Smart Alerts informs the right caregivers at the right time with actionable intelligence that improve both the quality of care and patient satisfaction, which is increasingly being linked to reimbursement.

Here are just some of the ways SmartAlerts plays a key role in reducing overall health costs.

  • Automates the identification of high-risk, high-cost patients, which enables care teams to proactively engage those patients and better manage quality of care and costs. Example: Instead of waiting 2-3 weeks to be informed by a processed claim about ED visits (which typically do not require any pre-authorization), payers now engage with patients either in the hospital or immediately after discharge. 

  • Reduces and more effectively manages the risks associated with avoidable readmissions, potentially saving millions of dollars. (Readmission cost an estimated $12 billion a year, and the average cost of one unnecessary readmission is estimated to be more than $11,000.)

  • Increases in-network utilization by providing almost immediate notifications of patient encounters from a broad network, so payers can quickly engage and re-direct patients to in-network services.

  • Facilitates care coordination efforts within and across all treatment settings, especially with transition of care events.

  • Improves medication management, patient referral management and follow-up care.

ICA’s Intelligence Leadership

Managing population health is no longer a luxury today. It’s a strategic imperative. Collecting and then leveraging patient information through data analytics is increasingly critical as healthcare moves to a value-based business model. Through our CareAlign Insight, ICA delivers system-level intelligence to help ensure the appropriate intervention is made in a timely manner based on the patient’s risk and care context.

ICA Population Health Numbers

  • Serving approximately 1 million patients
  • Conducting 2 million transactions per month
  • Sending 15,000 patient alert notifications per month

Populations Served

  • ACO
  • Medicaid Dual Eligible
  • Medicaid Managed Care
  • Medicaid