Healthcare providers today face an unprecedented set of new challenges. The days of “business-as-usual” are coming to an end, with value-based care replacing the traditional fee-for-service model. As providers adapt to being reimbursed for outcomes rather than services, they face increasing pressures to lower costs, improve quality and achieve healthier results for the patients they serve.

ICA serves as a strategic partner for healthcare providers who want to meet these challenges with the technology, implementation and on-going support to optimize care coordination for high-risk patient populations, giving healthcare organizations the ability to solve key problems impacting quality and cost.

By Eliminating Data and Communication Gaps, CareAlign Exchange:

  • Reduces readmissions: Identifying high-risk patients enables hospitals and their external care providers to target their resources more efficiently and effectively.

  • Optimizes care coordination in the post-acute setting: Patient information is immediately communicated across organizational borders and shared with the appropriate caregivers.

  • Ensures the most appropriate venue of care: Timely information is critical to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and ambulatory expenses and inappropriate ED utilizations.

System-Level Intelligence

ICA can also deliver system-level intelligence that’s tailored to your organization’s specific care coordination needs. Through real-time surveillance, information extraction and targeted alerting capabilities (risk level, medical condition and clinical context), ICA provides the measurement and feedback to support a continuously learning system that goes beyond event notification and actually solves real-world workflow challenges.

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